vBulletin Style: CA Morpheus

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Style Title: CA Morpheus
Style Type: vBulletin
Style Version: 1.0.1
Compatible vBulletin Version: 3.6.7
Color Schemes: blue, gray, green, purple


  • The demo forum only shows postbit_legacy, but the usual postbit is also included in a template.
  • Almost every template was modified to include rounded headers, not only the index. So xml files are quite big.
  • The style includes two versions for every color scheme: fixed and fluid width.

  • Unpack zip file, upload contents of directory "upload" to your forum including subdirectories. Use style.xml to install template.


  • If you would like a custom color scheme or any modification done to this template you may submit a request by using the contact form. Please describe what you want to be done in detail, and you will receive our reply with the price quoted for the custom work.

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